Fishing Operations

Our Catch

Approximately 30 different fish species are harvested and sold to consumers.

  • Black Pomfret

    Black Pomfret

  • Conger Eel

    Conger Eel

  • Croaker Fish

    Croaker Fish

  • Cuttle Fish

    Cuttle Fish

  • Japanese Threadfin Bream

    Japanese Threadfin Bream

  • Red Fish

    Red Fish

  • Ribbon Fish

    Ribbon Fish

  • Sea Catfish

    Sea Catfish

  • Seabream


  • Shrimp


  • Silver Pomfret

    Silver Pomfret

  • Silver Seaperch

    Silver Seaperch

  • Slender Shad

    Slender Shad

  • Sole Fish

    Sole Fish

  • Spanish Mackerel

    Spanish Mackerel

  • Threadfin